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September 1, 2023


So let me tell you that Fubo TV is available on all devices like roku, xbox, smartcast TV & also on Vizion TV since 2016 at Fubo.tv/vizio-connect. After this, let me tell you that you can connect the Fubo TV with Vizio by entering the login code as displayed in the Vizio smart TV and making sure that the model is compatible so you can locate your TV model number in the system information menu on Your Vizio TV. so let me tell you that to find our model on screen, you have to follow the step-by-step method mentioned below.

Please press the menu on Your remote and select system, then press okay.

After this, go to system information, press okay, and check under TV information for model name.

How can I watch Fubo TV on my Vizio Smartcast TV Using Fubo.tv/vizio-connect?

Firstly, the model year design after the series and screen size details in the model number. After this, for a sample model number VIZIO V55-G2 for a Vizio TV, V is the series designation 55 in the screen size in inches, and G designates the model year. Show the compatible series as mentioned below.

  • Series-D
  • Series-E
  • Series-V
  • Series-M
  • Series-P
  • Compatible Model Year.
  • H: 2020
  • G: 2019
  • F: 2018
  • E: 2017
  • D: 2016

What does Fubo TV explain?

I would like to tell you that Fubo TV is a US streaming TV service that is especially known for the broadcasting of live TV sports such as international soccer, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS. After this, let me tell you that you can also stream network TV shows, movies and news on Fubo TV. So let me tell you that when fubo TV was launched on 1 January 2015, it was solely a soccer streaming service. This streaming service became a sports Service in 2017, and it became a distributor of virtual multi-channel video programs. After this, let me tell you that as of now, Fubo TV is available in Canada, Spain, and the USA, and it has over 100 channels and about 600000 subscribers. So, let me tell you that as a first-time user, you have to enter a code on Fubo TV Connect to activate your Fubo TV account.

How to Take a Free Trial of Fubo TV.

I would like to tell you that if you haven’t used a Fubo TV subscription before, you can utilise its free trial service. After this, however, you need to provide your debit card or credit card details for the free trial, which lasts for seven days. Here, let me tell you that when this period ends, you will be charged for the football TV service, and if you don’t want to purchase the service, you can cancel the subscription before the trial period of 7 days comes to an end. After this, let me tell you that to use the free trial, you must reset your account and purchase the subscription if you want to use this service, and if you are looking forward to subscribing to the Fubo TV app, the free trial period ends. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Here, firstly, you need to go to my account section.
  • Please select the subscription and the billing and choose the manage plan.
  • After this, click on Plus beside the service plan of your choice.
  • Please tap on update subscription after reviewing the changes.
  • After this, select yes and update my subscription for confirmation.
  • Here, I would like to tell you that we hope you enjoy your free trial of the phoo TV or its subscription to one of its plans with fabulous entertainment.

Things Required to Install the Fubo TV app on Vizio TV.

So here I would like to tell you that no downloading is required on compatible Vizio smart cast TV to find the fubo TV app.

  • Firstly, press the V or home key near the centre of your remote.
  • After this, look under all available applications for the Fubo TV app.

So, let me tell you that if you are having trouble locating the Fubo TV app on your Vizio TV, check your device compatibility. After this, you can also cast to your Vizio smart cast TV from compatible Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets.

How do you get the Fubo TV connect code?

Let me tell you that all connected device TVs and game consoles now have an option to sign in using an activation code. So here are some simple steps to get it so just follow them.

  • Please launch the Fubo TV app and select the sign-in option.
  • After this, sign in with a code screen will display on your TV.
  • So let me tell you that on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, visit Its official website, fubo.tv/connect and enter the code displayed on your TV, then click submit.
  • After this, if you are not currently signed in to Fubo TV on your browser, you need to sign in first, and then you will be directed to fubo.tv/vizio-connect.
  • So let me tell you that the code is only valid for 5 minutes, and if the code expires, you will receive an error and need to check your TV for another code.
  • After this, if you are successful, a confirmation screen will display in your browser, and your Fubo TV app will open the home screen on your device.

For Xbox One.

So first, you have to follow the simple steps which will be mentioned below to get active on Xbox One.

  • Please go to the home screen on your Xbox One. Then, scroll to the right and select Store.
  • After this, scroll down, highlight apps, and press the A button.
  • Please select the search app and press the A button. After this, start typing for TV on the following screen, and the app will appear.
  • Please select the green install button and press A on the controller.
  • After this, once the downloading is completed, click Launch FuboTV app, then sign into your account and start streaming.